How to Prevent Carpet Stains

Getting stains on your carpets are not fun! After your get frustrated with what just happened you have to go to work cleaning them or you have to shell out the cash for a carpet cleaning company to come and clean the stain you just made.

So what is a better idea? Well why not prevent the stains for happening in the first place? Here are a few of my tips of exactly how to do that.

Keep It Outside

If something is not supposed to be in the house in the first place then why not just keep it outside? This is by far the simplest way to keep your carpet from getting dirty so you don’t need to clean it. This covers things like dirty shoes and pets to dirty paws covered in who knows what-else.

It’s almost impossible to not walk in you house with shoes. Even the best of us do it so here are a few tips to implement.

  • Buy a door mat – A simple door mat is a great idea. You will be reminded to wipe your feet even if you do keep your shoes on. And you guests will to!
  • No shoes rule – If you really want to gt strict you can implement a no shoes rule for your home. And you can go one step further and put a bench next to the front door. This way you and your guests can easily take their shoes of and put them back on without getting their socks dirty.

Food and Drinks

Keep food and drink in the kitchen or outside. Stains from food and drinks are pretty much the most common way to stain a carpet. And no-one needs to be told that red wine stains are the hardest to deal with!

So quite simply keep your food and drinks in the kitchen, dinning room or outside. If you are having guests over move the couches into the dinning area to get more seating. Does this mean wine will not spill on the couch? Not at all! But it does mean your carpet won’t get stained if something does happen.

It’s much better to get a stain just on the couch than on the couch and the carpet.

Keep Things off the Carpet

Following on from the kitchen is what shouldn’t be near the carpet when it comes to personal items. Anything like nial polish, lip stick, markers and so on has no reason to be near the carpet.

It’s very easy to keep personal items in the bathroom and do you makeup in the bathroom. It’s also very easy to not allow the kids to have their markers near the carpet. If they like drawing step them up in an area away from the carpet and reinforce the fact that they are not to take the markers near the carpets.

It’s quite simple to keep your carpets clean and avoid stains. Hopefully my tips here today were of help to you. If you want to read a few more carpet stain prevention tips here is a great article: 6 Ways to Prevent Carpet Stains