Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It?

The short answer is yes you absolutely want to have a professional carpet cleaning company clean your carpets. Now this is not coming from me as I use to run a  professional carpet cleaning company. I’ll explain below why you want a proper carpet cleaning company to  clean your carpets. And after you are done reading you’ll be sold on the fact also.

Store Bought Vacuums Don’t Deep Clean

To this day I’m still surprised by how many of my carpet cleaning customers told me that their household vacuum did a proper deep clean. This is quite simply not the case at all.

Stop It! You can’t get a deep clean no matter what. Even if you have the latest and most expensive wizz bang Hoover that cost you an arm and a leg. It’s still a domestic vacuum cleaner. You will never get the same power that a real commercial machine gives you from a store bought vacuum. Take a look at these amazing before and after pictures of deep steam cleaning if you are not convinced.

Remove Allergens from Carpets

Did you know that your carpet is home to several allergens that could be impacting your health? It’s not just dust, dirt, hair, fur and pollen that can get trapped in your carpet. Did you know dust mites and breed in your carpets and most home actually have infestations but the owners are unaware?

The point I’m trying to make here is really along the list of ‘if it looks clean it’s not clean’. This is no different to spraying down a dirty dinner plate with just water. It’s still covered in germs and you wouldn’t eat off it again would you? You need to treat your carpets in the same matter and get them cleaned properly.

This is even more important if you have someone living in your household with allergies or asthma. While excess dust in your carpet might not be a direct cause of their condition it can make it flare up and the can be quite uncomfortable.

Carpets Colour Has Faded

You you look at your carpets and notice they don’t have that crisp colour and spark anymore? This is because after years and years of dirt getting into your carpets and years of wear and tear the color starts to fad.

Professional carpet cleaning can help you bring that colour back. Unlike say a toy lefy out in the sun that fade. When carpets fade there is a 99% chance you can bring that spark back that the carpet had the day they were installed. It’s just a matter of calling a Carpet Cleaning Newcastle company to come to your place to get a real good deep clean done on your carpets.

Watch this short video to see how a really dirty and old carpet can actually turn out!

How Often Should you Deep Clean?

So to cut a long story short here you want to get a professional carpet cleaning company to deep clean your carpets twice a year. That’s a good way to keep things balanced.

Of course if you have a family of 5 plus pets once a quarter is more idea. Or if you are never home then deep steam cleaning once a year is fine also.

How to Prevent Carpet Stains

Getting stains on your carpets are not fun! After your get frustrated with what just happened you have to go to work cleaning them or you have to shell out the cash for a carpet cleaning company to come and clean the stain you just made.

So what is a better idea? Well why not prevent the stains for happening in the first place? Here are a few of my tips of exactly how to do that.

Keep It Outside

If something is not supposed to be in the house in the first place then why not just keep it outside? This is by far the simplest way to keep your carpet from getting dirty so you don’t need to clean it. This covers things like dirty shoes and pets to dirty paws covered in who knows what-else.

It’s almost impossible to not walk in you house with shoes. Even the best of us do it so here are a few tips to implement.

  • Buy a door mat – A simple door mat is a great idea. You will be reminded to wipe your feet even if you do keep your shoes on. And you guests will to!
  • No shoes rule – If you really want to gt strict you can implement a no shoes rule for your home. And you can go one step further and put a bench next to the front door. This way you and your guests can easily take their shoes of and put them back on without getting their socks dirty.

Food and Drinks

Keep food and drink in the kitchen or outside. Stains from food and drinks are pretty much the most common way to stain a carpet. And no-one needs to be told that red wine stains are the hardest to deal with!

So quite simply keep your food and drinks in the kitchen, dinning room or outside. If you are having guests over move the couches into the dinning area to get more seating. Does this mean wine will not spill on the couch? Not at all! But it does mean your carpet won’t get stained if something does happen.

It’s much better to get a stain just on the couch than on the couch and the carpet.

Keep Things off the Carpet

Following on from the kitchen is what shouldn’t be near the carpet when it comes to personal items. Anything like nial polish, lip stick, markers and so on has no reason to be near the carpet.

It’s very easy to keep personal items in the bathroom and do you makeup in the bathroom. It’s also very easy to not allow the kids to have their markers near the carpet. If they like drawing step them up in an area away from the carpet and reinforce the fact that they are not to take the markers near the carpets.

It’s quite simple to keep your carpets clean and avoid stains. Hopefully my tips here today were of help to you. If you want to read a few more carpet stain prevention tips here is a great article: 6 Ways to Prevent Carpet Stains


A Few Carpet Cleaning Tips from a Pro!

Keeping a clean carpet is not really that hard. You just have to vacumme once a week and you’re done. But keeping your carpets in top shape so they don’t end up getting ruined is another story.

Here are a few of my tips on keeping your carpets clean and in tip top shape without having to spend hours and hours cleaning your carpets each and every week.

Vacuum on a Regular Basis

Ok I’ll admit it. This one is kind of obvious right. But so many people end up over looking this simple fact!

If you are a one man or one women show and live alone then vacuuming once a week is perfectly acceptable. If you have a family the includes a few kids plus a dog or two then you really need to be on top of the carpet cleaning at least twice a week if not more.

So here is the deal. The longer you leave your carpets dirty the longer you give the dirt in your carpets a chance to ruin them. Now this is nothing like leaving food out when it spoils. No this is something that is going to happen over years and years. So keeping your carpets vacuumed on a regular basis means that you will get move life out of them before having to rip them out and re-carpet. And when you vacuum make sure you do vacuum cleaning properly!

Attend to Spills ASAP!

If you spill something on the carpet make sure you get is cleaned up ASAP. There are no if’s or but’s about it. If you spill something stop what you are doing and clean it up.

The longer you leave a stain the harder it will be to clean and the more damage it will do to your carpet.

And to follow along with spills and stains here is how to deal with them.


Make sure you blog. Never run a stain. If you’re not familiar with blotting then your might know it as dabbing. Pretty much you want to press on the stain with a paper town and then lift up. Repeat this over and over to soak up the stain.

If you dare to rub a stain you will just end up pushing the stain deeper into the carpet.

Candle Wax

If you end up with candle wax on your carpet it can be a real pain to remove. And if you don’t know what you’re doing then you can easily damage you carpet. For example if you try to rip the hardened wax from the carpet you’ll be ripping ot the carpet fibers also.

But if you know what you are doing it’s quite easy. To get rid of candle wax stains on your carpet just get a small but sharp knife and carefully cut off what you can first.

Then take paper towns and an iron on the lowest setting and heat the left over wax up. Repeat this over and over and replace the paper towels as the candle wax is soaked into the paper towels.

Use a Stain Remover

There are lots of ways to make your own stain remover. Lemon is one, vinegar is another. Unless you really know what you are doing and if you are doing spot tests in the corner of your carp first it’s not recommended to mess around with DIY stain removers.

It is much better to just go to the store and buy a stain remover. The don’t even cost that much and they get the job done.

Don’t Flood the Place

If you doing any form of wet carpet cleaning keep the water to a minimum! If you end up using to much water you might need hire a drying machine if you end up water logging your carpet. Not fun for you and your wallet!

If you need to use water on your carpet it’s better to use less and add more if you fell it’s needed that water log the carpet the first time round! You don’t want mold growing under your carpet.

That’s it for my carpet cleaning tips today. Hopefully they help you.